It’s Not Only Liberals Who Loathe Donald Trump

It’s Not Only Liberals Who Loathe Donald Trump


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I am a Republican. I am almost certainly far more conservative than you.

I hurt for all the harm that fool has done to my party. Even more for what he has done to the word conservative.

Acccording to his own budget director, we are headed towards a $1.1 trillion deficit this year alone! That is more than our entire national debt in 1980. Imagine the inflation, that must be controlled by higher interest, that this is causing. There is nothing conservative about deficit spending.

There was a time my party called Democrats the party of war. My party was concerned about out of control military spending. We made A Contract With America, including balanced budgets and to propose a balanced budget amendment. To our eternal shame, we have done none of all we promised. There is nothing conservative about breaking promises.

You don’t have to be a liberal to loathe DJT. You just have to be a thinking person.

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