Keep Following The Crazy Conspiracy Theories, And Republicans Can Kiss 2022 Goodbye

Keep Following The Crazy Conspiracy Theories, And Republicans Can Kiss 2022 Goodbye


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Janet Ybarra
Former Washington Journalist
Contributor on The Bipartisan Press

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By all rights, Republicans should be celebrating. Democrats hold the White House and majorities on both sides of Congress.

Judging from historical standards, Republicans should be planning on a big comeback in the midterm elections next year.

And, mind you, they still could. There’s a lot which could and will happen between now and November 2022.

But, frankly, just looking at them right now, it’s kind of a wonder how they get their pants on in the morning.

No, I’m serious.

Most of these people need to be lined up for a rubber truck, because they are truly Cuckoo-for-Cocoa Puffs.

Whether it’s QAnon, Jewish space lasers, continuing to recount votes from the 2020 presidential election — and, yes, some of them in Arizona are still recounting those votes — Republicans are going pretty deep down some pretty strange rabbit holes.

Oh, and then there are those like Rep Matt Gaetz of Florida, who stand accused of some pretty creepy crimes with underage girls. Instead of just shutting up and resigning, which probably would be the smart thing to do — or at least would show the better part of discretion — Gaetz has been out there making speeches like he’s the victim.

All of which has the few, relatively sane members of the GOP becoming more than a bit freaked out.

“I mean, it’s just pure lunacy and, you know, the kind of thing that I’ve been speaking out against, you know, ever since [former] president [Donald] Trump was elected. But this has gotten just out of hand,” said Larry Hogan, the generally anti-Trump Republican governor of Maryland. “Look, we’re not going to win elections in the future, we’re not going to be a majority party, we’re not going to win back the House or the Senate or the White House if we continue to go down this crazy road of conspiracy theories and — and lies.

“I mean, we’ve got to get back to reality. … And Doug Ducey, who’s a good friend and a fellow governor, I think he’s doing a great job in Arizona. He was a big Trump supporter, he just wouldn’t lie about the election. I mean, that’s just crazy,” Hogan added.

And Hogan’s not alone, apparently.

Liberal podcaster Farron Cousins is up with a new report, in which he says Republicans recently held a strategy meeting in his home state of Florida focused on the 2022 midterms.

These Republicans worried, he said, that not only could they fail to flip the House of Representatives next year, but in fact, “lose quite a bit of seats.”

What was driving that fear at the meeting?

“The crazies have taken over, and the specific crazy they’re worried about is Marjorie Taylor Greene.”

Greene, of course, is the queen of QAnon and those Jewish space lasers — which Greene claims, are the real culprit behind California’s wildfires. And she’s not been shy to share these truly bozo beliefs with whomever cares to listen.

So, really, what the sane Republicans are worried about is that voters will see Democrats proposing and trying to pass solutions to the nation’s problems, on the one hand. And on the other, they’ll see wackos like Marjorie Taylor Greene and her cohort talking nothing but crazy conspiracy theories and still harping on an election which was “stolen,” which most of the country understands was never stolen.

That’s not a good look.

That focus on conspiracy theories is the stuff that scares away the suburban voters, the independent voters and women voters — basically all demographics the Republicans would want on their side to win the seats to regain a majority.

“The moderates, the independents — the people that Republicans have to court in order to win back the majority — they’re not buying into this nonsense,” Cousins said.

Cousins takes the Republican freakout a step further: by suggesting that Democrats turn the tables on the GOP this time out.

“Republicans are scared that Marjorie Taylor Greene has become the face of the Republican Party, and that it could cost them the midterms. So my advice to the Democratic Party is: Make her the face.”

Republicans have, for years, been running political ads across the country tying any and every Democrat they could — no matter how moderate or independent — to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, or President Barack Obama or Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer, in order to paint them all as “liberal,” and “out of touch.”

Cousins said that now Democrats should do the same thing to each and every Republican running next year. Regardless of where that Republican is running, or what district their running in, Democrats should be running ads tying Marjorie Taylor Greene around the necks of each and every one.

Democrats, you want to hold — no, do you want to expand — your majorities in Congress next year?

Well, then, I think that Mr Cousins here has just handed you your fall media campaign.

Get to work.

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