Let’s Talk About The 7th Maryland Congressional District

Let’s Talk About The 7th Maryland Congressional District


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Chris O'Leary
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Let’s talk about Maryland’s 7th Congressional District, the subject of Trump’s latest weird tweetstorm, and aside from reminding Donald Trump that he actually is the president of Maryland’s 7th Congressional District, let’s look at it just from a “facts” standpoint first.

Let’s focus in on “His district is the worst in the USA.”

What does the 7th district look like? Here you go. Most of Baltimore, Ellicott City to the west, most of Columbia below that, a thin channel up to Reisterstown, and a big block of land bordering on Hampstead, heading out to Baldwin, ending at Kingsville in the east.

The top employers in the district are certainly things you would probably associate with the “worst ever,” you know, like Johns Hopkins University, and the Johns Hopkins Hospital and Health System. Because when you think of the word “terrible” of course the first word that comes to mind is “Johns Hopkins.”

Other top employers in the district include the Social Security Administration and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

One good way to measure the quality of a geographic area’s demographics is “median income.”

The median income in this district is $60,020, higher than the US average.

The worst districts by this metric are all below $40K.

Maryland’s 7th ranks 169th out of 436 districts, meaning there are 267 districts worse than Maryland’s 7th in median income.

Maybe he was talking about education? I mean what? Some 37 percent of residents in Maryland’s 7th have a bachelor’s degree or higher right?

Of course, there are 25 Districts with 17 percent or lower, so that can’t be right. In fact, 348 out of 436 congressional districts rank lower in this statistic…

Wait, it’s gotta be unemployment, right? I mean, that District has an 8.3 percent unemployment rate!

Yeah, sorry. Tied with Michigan’s 6th and California’s 19th districts for 56th place, somewhat low on the totem pole, but nowhere near “worst.”

The “Worst Districts” are all in double digits. Michigan’s 13th is over 18 percent.

So what is it? What makes Maryland’s 7th so bad? What’s …

It wouldn’t happen to be talking about the Maryland Congressional District with the highest percentage of African Americans and the second-lowest percentage of white people, would we?

We wouldn’t be talking about a district with a greater percentage of African Americans than 421 other congressional districts in the US, putting it top 15 there, would we?

Yeahhhhh……We kinda would.

So…If no human beings want to live there…Who exactly does want to live there, Don? Sorry. I didn’t hear you.

The ultrasonic frequency you’re using is a bit out of my hearing range.

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    MikeM_inMD July 31, 2019

    You know darn well the President in his usual sloppy language is talking about the Baltimore City portion of the district, and everyone seems to be responding in the same way — except you. If you were to consider only that portion of the district, or even if you include the portion of southwest Baltimore County that is in the district, the stats you cite would be completely different, and the economic and quality of life stats would be very bad.

    • comment-avatar

      Except the commonly acknowledged worst part of Baltimore is the Fairfield Area which isn’t in the 7th, it splits between Congressional District 1 and 3.
      Trump in his tweets was not attacking Baltimore. He was attacking Rep. Cummings, and by proxy Maryland’s 7th Congressional District.

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    You should update the main photo. That is All Children’s in Florida…