Lying About His Statements, Donald Trump Seems To Think He Leads North Korea

Lying About His Statements, Donald Trump Seems To Think He Leads North Korea


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Janet Ybarra
Former Washington Journalist
Contributor on The Bipartisan Press

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Immediately after the attack on Saudi oil facilities, Donald Trump and his administration immediately chose to blame Iran for the violence.

However, Trump went a step further and brought back his “fake news” conflict with the media to claim that the media is lying by reporting that he would meet with Iran’s leadership “without preconditions.”

Except that that’s exactly what Trump and his senior officials have said, again and again.

News networks have Trump and these others saying so.

Trump appears to be confused with his dear friend, the autocratic Kim Jong Un. This isn’t North Korea. Trump can’t say something–anything–especially on tape and think he can pretend he never said it.

The more he claims he didn’t say something he actually said, the more the news media will play it over and over.

And in a situation like this, it’s potentially even more dangerous. Look at it from Iran’s point of view. Trump repeatedly promised to talk with no preconditions.

Now he blames them for a massive attack and denies making a pledge he demonstrably made.

Where does that leave any chance for a diplomatic solution?

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