Rep. Lieu: If GOP Members of Congress ‘Incited Insurrection,’ They Should Be Investigated by the FBI and Prosecuted

Rep. Lieu: If GOP Members of Congress ‘Incited Insurrection,’ They Should Be Investigated by the FBI and Prosecuted


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Janet Ybarra
Former Washington Journalist
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Congressional Republicans who helped incite last week’s terrorist attack on the US Capitol in support of outgoing President Donald Trump should be investigated both by the House and by the FBI, according to a Democratic member of the House Judiciary Committee.

Pro-Trump terrorists and insurrectionists stormed the Capitol building last Wednesday in an ultimately futile effort to try to block President-elect Biden’s official certification as the nation’s next commander in chief.

The siege of the Capitol left a half-dozen dead — including two Capitol Police officers. The attack also put thousands of lawmakers, aides and support staff at risk. The terrorists also caused extensive damage and thefts of official laptops, mail and more.

The attack was coordinated with many Republican lawmakers objecting to Biden’s election based on Trump’s baseless and false charges of election fraud.

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif) said that going forward that he’s happy to work across the aisle — but those lawmakers who abetted Wednesday’s attempted insurrection must be investigated.

“My general view is that — look, if I’m working, let’s say, on an infrastructure bill, I welcome anyone who wants to support an infrastructure bill. So I’m not going to prevent members, regardless of what party they’re in, from supporting or co-sponsoring good bills,” Lieu said.

That would involve the House Ethics Committee and the FBI, Lieu added.

“Both the House should investigate some of these Republican members as well as federal law enforcement,” he said.

Last week’s attack occurred because too many Republicans fed into what Lieu and others call Trump’s “big lie,” that supposedly he was the true winner of November’s presidential election.

“It happened because no one stood up to Donald Trump’s big lie. No one stood up to what was happening in the right-wing media. And what resulted was that Donald Trump incited a mob that attacked the Capitol. They were looking to assassinate Speaker Pelosi. They were looking to hang Vice President Pence. They were hunting for lawmakers,” Lieu said. “And to just pretend this didn’t happen is unacceptable. The only way we can unify our country is to hold all those accountable who engaged in this attack, including the man who incited it, Donald Trump.”

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