State Dem Chair: We Need to See More from Joe Biden

State Dem Chair: We Need to See More from Joe Biden


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Janet Ybarra
Former Washington Journalist
Contributor on The Bipartisan Press

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Former vice president Joe Biden really needs to raise his profile and demonstrate some leadership in this time of the coronavirus outbreak and COVID-19 pandemic, according to the head of the Democratic Party in Nebraska.

Biden had just begun pulling away in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination as the full force of the pandemic began to be felt, with enforced lockdowns nationwide and social distancing in order to try to slow the spread of the virus.

There have been more than 383,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 worldwide. The virus has killed more than 16,500.

In the United States, there have been 33,404 recorded cases of the disease, with 400 deaths, according to the most recent figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

“It’s a big problem. I don’t know what is going on in the strategic thinking of Vice President Biden’s team, but I want to see him as a party chair. I also want to see more of Senator [Bernie] Sanders,” said Jane Kleeb, chairwoman of the Nebraska Democratic Party.

“I know he did an amazing live stream that had millions of folks on there where he was connecting with people and making people feel more secure about the coronavirus and things that he’s gonna be doing in the Senate. But I want to see Vice President Biden. I want to see him command the room like [Democratic New York Gov. Andrew] Cuomo and [California Gov.] Gavin Newsom are,” Kleeb added.

Cuomo and Newsom have become well-known, and often reassuring, faces of leadership on television daily as their states have both been hard-hit by the virus, and each have been giving press conferences and briefings which are often carried live nationally.

Cuomo, in particular, has been seen in contrast to Donald Trump and Trump’s own briefings, which are often littered with serious inaccuracies and falsehoods, as well as explosions in anger at the journalists in the briefing.

Cuomo’s leadership has been so popular that the “PresidentCuomo” hashtag was trending on Twitter, and threatened to overshadow the leadership of not only Trump but Biden and Sanders as well.

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    Aleta Clayton April 1, 2020

    While Biden is, bunkered in his basement Gov Cuomo has been holding extraordinarily thorough news conferences every day, telling it like it is. The DNC is wrong on believing that Biden can generate any voter enthusiasm, however useful he was to knock out Sanders and Warren. The DNC should stop deciding who is a Democratic candidate after the shameful job they did in 2016 that hurt Clinton in the end.