Stephen King’s Latest Antagonist

Stephen King’s Latest Antagonist


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Janet Ybarra
Former Washington Journalist
Contributor on The Bipartisan Press

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Novelist Stephen King has made a career out of crafting stories with antagonists readers were ready to see done in by the end of the story.

Now King, a longtime resident of Maine, is ready to vanquish his freshman Democratic member of Congress for what was a truly bone-headed vote on Donald Trump’s impeachment.

Golden, who represents the state’s more-conservative, Trump-leaning Second Congressional District, was the only House Democrat to split his vote: voting to impeach Trump on abuse of power but voting no on obstruction of Congress.

Certainly, Golden found himself in a situation similar to many of his Democratic colleagues who hail from Trump-friendly districts when it came to the impeachment vote.

Most did the right thing, set politics–and even their own re-elections–aside, and did the only logical and right thing: vote for both articles of impeachment.

If Golden, who became the first to defeat an incumbent in that district since 1916, however thought that he was being clever and splitting the difference by voting for only one article of impeachment he wound up pleasing no one instead of everyone.

Just from the perspective of logic, the way Golden split his decision made no sense. Trump, for weeks and months, resisted– and ordered others to resist–fully lawful congressional subpoenas. Based on that alone, there is no way not to find Trump obstructed Congress…. unless you are a partisan and dishonest Republican saying anything to defend Trump.

And in the process, Golden has attracted quite a powerful enemy in the form of novelist King, who happens to be one of Golden’s constituents.

King is used to dreaming up scary endings, and presumably now King–a well-known Democrat–will put his fortune behind anyone who steps up to primary Jared Golden.

For Golden, he likely would have had a happier ending if he had just done the fully courageous thing….not the politically clever thing.

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