The Trump Supporters Who Aren’t Racist, Are Sadists

The Trump Supporters Who Aren’t Racist, Are Sadists


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Janet Ybarra
Former Washington Journalist
Contributor on The Bipartisan Press

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There’s certainly enough that you can legitimately criticize Hillary Clinton for, but one thing she nailed right on the head.

She was absolutely right when she called half of Donald Trump’s supporters a “basket of deplorables.”

Actually, strike that. Hillary was wrong there too. But only because she undercounted the number of deplorable Trump supporters.

Today, if you support Trump, you are either or both a racist and a sadist.

At this point, the racism should be prima facie. Certainly Trump’s own. From his response to Charlottesville, to his taunts to non-white Americans to “go back” to where they belong.

And the ubiquitous Trump slogan “Make America Great Again,” now also is more understood as racist and sexist dog whistle, to recall an earlier time (say, the 1950s) in which white males maintained an unquestionable dominance.

That points directly to the underlying racism of Trump’s supporters, nevermind the fact that decent Americans ought to have turned their backs on Trump by now just based on his manifest racism.

And the sadism?

Here, I would like to refer to a brilliant new essay on the idea of “triggering liberals,” published by the endlessly talented Chris O’Leary.

I commend to you the full essay, but let me here just share the pithy wisdom:

Based on my interactions with people who use the word (quick note, using the word “triggered in a conversation with me is usually a very good signal to me that there is no value in continuing the conversation) I believe they think it means one of three things.

First many seem to think it means “annoy the fuck out of.”

Yes. Conservatives who brag about how they “trigger liberals” do indeed annoy the fuck out of me. So maybe those ones have something.

Second many conservatives seem to think it means “frustrate into insensibility”

No. Frustrate? Yes. It’s very frustrating talking to someone who’s only goal is to insult, bother and bore you by parroting insensible PRATT rhetoric from Brietbart [sic], people who listen with no intent to understand, but only waiting to shove another senseless comment down your throat that has no relevance to the conversation or for that matter reality.

To insensibility? No. The fact that people who use words like “triggered” typically don’t listen to what I’m saying with any intent to understand it may make it seem insensible to them, but I can’t help that.

The rest seem to think it makes us cry, and apparently that’s an appropriate goal for governmental policy.

To be clear. No. You’re not making liberals cry wasting money on vanity projects at the southern border, killing consumer and environmental protections, running the deficit over the Trillion dollar mark and actively working to make health care harder to get. You’re not making us cry looking for the latest excuse to ignore your dear leader’s latest abuse of power.

You’re pissing us off. We showed you how much in Nov 2018 when 10 million more of us voted than you, and you’ll see how much again this November.

Yes, these are the Trump supporters who actually take pleasure in the hurt and sadness of their fellow Americans… their fellow human beings.

Let that sink in a moment.

Maybe it bears repeating: these are the Trump supporters who actually take pleasure in the hurt and sadness of their fellow Americans… their fellow human beings.

Trump supporters often claim to be good Christians. Where is the Christianity in that?

You say that you are just a conservative, looking for conservative policies for government.

Fair enough.

If that’s true, turn your backs on the evil which you know, yes you know, Trump represents, nominate a mainstream Republican in his place, burn that “Fuck Your Feelings” t-shirt and extend a hand of friendship back to your American neighbors who may disagree with you, but are good Americans nonetheless. And certainly were never your enemy to start with.

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  • comment-avatar

    Only question I have: Who are they referring to “fuck your feelings” who’s that for? Fuck who’s feelings? Christina A. Smith

    • comment-avatar
      Fr33d0mHawkUSA February 24, 2020

      It’s in the photo, some vile sadistic sack
      of Birther excrement with those words on a shirt and he means liberals feelings.

  • comment-avatar
    XaurreauX May 21, 2020

    The haploids who support Trump don’t care if he lies because they think he’s lying on their behalf. Being of limited intelligence and sophistication they are easily fooled into believing that this is their time, their moment when at the end of the day they’re the detritus of the 1% and will lie down just like they always have.