‘The View’ Rips John Bolton: ‘You Never Said a Word Until Someone Gave You $2 Million’

‘The View’ Rips John Bolton: ‘You Never Said a Word Until Someone Gave You $2 Million’


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Janet Ybarra
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Hosts of the ABC daytime talk show The View pressed former White House national security adviser John Bolton for holding onto the revelations detailed in his memoir until he got a $2 million book deal, pushing him to answer why he didn’t testify during Donald Trump’s impeachment trial.

“Mr. Ambassador, you were working for Trump for 17 months, and you write about all this horrible stuff you saw go on, and yet you never said a word until someone gave you $2 million to write a book about it,” Joy Behar said before adding that he could only redeem himself if he would now testify under oath.

Bolton claimed he was not scared to testify under oath regarding the illegal and controversial incidents he witnessed while working in the White House, explaining that he did not participate in the impeachment trial because he did not agree with the Democratic House’s process and leadership.

 “Ambassador, I was going to ask you a different question, but, you know, you say that Trump’s not fit to be president, and 120,000 people have died from the coronavirus, race relations in our country are at an all-time low, and just today you’ve admitted that you were in the room when President Trump exacted a quid pro quo with Ukraine. You were in the room when he was asking for China to meddle in our election,” said host Sunny Hostin. “You were in the room, which is what you say is the title of your book, and you chose not to testify.

“One of the very reasons, if not the reason, that President Trump is still in office and wasn’t impeached. Help me understand why your silence is not complicity in this,” she added. “You were in the room where it happened.”

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