The Weapon Used to Wage War on Americans

The Weapon Used to Wage War on Americans


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Jack Menendez
Contributor on The Bipartisan Press

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What if there was a device, kind of like a big flashlight, that you could shine on people, bathing them in its radiation, making them stop in their tracks, open up their minds, and hang on your every word?  What if, after a while, people’s minds become open to you and then you can drop a little message in there without them realizing it’s even happening? Whoa yeah!  This device would be a marketing person’s dream, wouldn’t it? Certainly, it would be a must have for a politician.

The device has its little side effects and restrictions. It only affects half of the people. The message you are allowed to implant in a person’s mind can only be one sentence of no more than five or six words, maybe 10 syllables max. The message often sounds ridiculous without first bathing people in the radiation of the device for a little while.  It does take a little touch, a little finesse to use it effectively.  Oh, and turn the device’s settings up too high and it destroys people’s souls, but hey, this is politics!

What if one could use this device in front of television cameras and have it shine right through into living rooms? Yeah, well, its much more effective if one is physically present at, say, a political rally but it actually does work through the television.  The device has a cumulative effect.

Donald Trump has one.  

Donald Trump is a man with the device and he knows how to use it.  Of course, Trump being Trump, he always keeps it set on full power.

What I am going to do here is shine the device on you and implant Trump’s message, but I have to do it through prose.  So this is more what’s it’s like to experience it.  This is not the whole enchilada mind you but it will give you the idea. If I do this right half of you, dear readers, will have one reaction and half of you will have another. 

By the way, I am serious about this.  The device that I will use has a name that consists of one word, but it must never be said. It is no accident that this word harkens to the most primal feelings of any human being or animal.

If you guess the word that names the device then it won’t have an effect on you. In fact, the device will just piss you off when you know its name. It’s why I am always so pissed off. At the end of this, I will tell you the word; I promise.  One more thing, it works better if the device is shared among multiple people each pointing it at the audience.  It’s a part of the finesse needed to use it.

So here goes, I am flipping on the switch and pointing the device at you.

You hear, “We have a crisis at our borders.”

You can’t feel the radiation yet. The device is just switched on now. It takes it a little while to work.  Oh, and that is not the message to be remembered. No no, those words are a kind of ether, that carries the radiation of the device.  It’s just warming up. Let’s go on maybe you will start feeling the radiation soon.

I hand the device to a man sitting in the audience.  Of course, I secretly put him there. He acts very excited and concerned and shines the device on the crowd.

You hear, “We have a problem in this country and its called Mexican immigrants.”

I take the device and point it at the crowd.

You hear, “Yes, this is an important problem. And its one that will cost many lives.”

I give the device back to the man and he points it at the crowd.

You hear, “Sir, when can we get rid of them?”

Crowd: Roaring approval

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a bigot to feel the glow; to open your mind to the coming message. Now that your mind is open, that is if it is going to open to the message, I will deliver the message using the device and the ether.  I point the device at the crowd.

You hear, “We are going to be looking at a lot of different things.”

Remember those words are the ether which medium that carries the message.  What is the message that I want so badly to implant in your mind?  Have you guessed it? Ok, I will tell you.

The message coded in the ether is, “I am going to protect you.”

Do you see that?  The ether contains an action. I protect you is the short powerful message that has been slipped into your brain.

Yeah, bigotry against anyone is bad, but that is not what Trump cares about. It’s much more important to Trump that people feel he will protect them. That’s the message that he really cares about. That’s the message he chose to use with the device.  It could have been a different message to buy a certain toothpaste but on this occasion, it was a message about Trump taking actions to protect you.

Oh, did you think bigot was the one word? No, not bigotry, not hatred, not racism.  Those are important power words but they do not stop the device from working. No. Those words describe the ether on this particular occasion.  Bigotry is not necessary for the device to work although it helps.  No there is a deeper word that is the one true name of the device itself. The weapon! A power word, the name of an ancient enemy.

Before I tell you the word of power that keeps the message out of your brain you need to know that the ether could have been something besides Muslims, it could have been religion, blacks, immigrants, Mexicans, guns, LGBTQ, ring around the collar.  There is any number of subjects that would work.  That’s why it’s important not to get stuck on the ether.

The word of power that describes the device is fear.  Once you learn to recognize it when it is turned on you, you will be resistant and you will be free.

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