Trump Critics: US Can’t Have a Trade Policy Based on Threats and Tweets

Trump Critics: US Can’t Have a Trade Policy Based on Threats and Tweets


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Janet Ybarra
Former Washington Journalist
Contributor on The Bipartisan Press

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Democrats and others are criticizing the deal with Mexico which Donald Trump arranged late last week in order to avoid imposing tariffs which Trump had previously threatened.

Although Trump appears to have won concessions from Mexico to reduce immigration as he demanded, many critics argue that the measures Mexico agreed to were actions that government would have taken anyway–and it’s not clear those measures will actually reduce immigration.

“That’s right. And it is a pattern we have seen repeatedly with this president. He sort of creates a crisis, has some sort of a fairly general resolution to it that is lacking any details,” said Mark Landler, White House correspondent at The New York Times. “And then declares victory this is what he did with the north Korean nuclear crisis in Singapore. In this particular situation, there is some very important sort of unresolved business. The most important of which I think is this concept of third stay country, the United States wanted Mexico to agree to this.

“The Mexicans have not, in part because doing so would require them to get their own Senate to ratify this measure, and I think is a great deal of concern in Mexico that announcing something like this before it is ratified would lead to a renewed surge in migrants,” Landler added in an on-air appearance Sunday. “So there are key parts of this that are unresolved, but you have to say, from an economic point of view from the market’s point of view, from the potential impact on the economy, he stepped back from the brink. I think he will probably be rewarded with a very strong market opening tomorrow morning. And in some sense he is right. He has resolved for the moment the sense of crisis. He hasn’t resolved the problem longer term.”

The United States should not be conducting its trade policy in such an erratic way, according to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), one of nearly two dozen hopefuls running for president as Democrats.

“You can’t use it to threaten. You can’t have a trade policy based on tweets. What you need is a comprehensive trade policies which represents the working people of this country and not just the CEOs of large corporations,” said Sanders. “So do we need to change our trade policies so that we protect jobs in America? Yes. Do we need to work with other countries to lift up the poorest people around the world? Yes, we do. But Trump’s erratic threats and trade policies are not the way to go.”

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    Linda Hill June 13, 2019

    I am shocked I tell you, shocked, that Bernie Sanders is quoted here. After all he is barely in the running as a candidate according to CNN, MSNBC, FOX and the rest of the main stream media. But he is correct, as usual. We need policy based on reality not personality. The current administration are insane and incompetent and want Americans to believe this is the way you run a country. We are descending into madness and McConnell is steering.