Trump, Lies And Golf Scores

Trump, Lies And Golf Scores


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Chris O'Leary
Former Marine, Internet Marketing Expert
Contributor on The Bipartisan Press

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Trump’s golf habits are a fascinating look at his character.

If you examine Trump’s history, what people close to him or who work with him tell you, you can conclude one important thing, and it’s related to golf.

Trump loves golf for one reason. It gives him the opportunity to deceive. That’s what he loves. That’s his version of a perfect swing. A hobby.

Here’s the funniest thing about it.


Trump is the worst liar since George Dillman. Martial Art Pretenders: A History of Imitators and Snake Oil

And by worst I don’t mean “the one who does the most of it,” I mean “The one who does it most poorly.”

And this is classic Trump. He thinks he’s good at 100 things he’s freaking terrible at.

But let’s focus on lying. Because it’s really his signature thing. He thinks he’s really good at it. And Holy Dogshit, does he suck at it!

So what makes a good liar?

If you look at The 18 Traits of Good Liars, and you start to read you start to think…maybe…maybe…

But then you hit No. 4. Then No. 9. Then No. 10, and once you hit that one (well preparedness) suddenly you see the problem.

Now the one thing the article touches on that it doesn’t get deep enough into is consistency. A good liar is consistent, because they can be. The best way to out a liar is inconsistencies. And it’s the one thing you can clearly point to with Trump.

You know he talks out of his ass because there are so many recorded cases of him talking out his ass on one side then talking out the exact opposite side of his ass on the other. Here are 10 examples:

10 times that Trump has contradicted himself in his first year in office

But the thing is…like so many other things he’s…just… terrible at, he appears to A.) think he’s great at it, and B.) love doing it.

What a weird guy.

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