Trump’s Decision to Abandon Kurds May Not Be Impeachable, But it Helps Make the Case

Trump’s Decision to Abandon Kurds May Not Be Impeachable, But it Helps Make the Case


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Janet Ybarra
Former Washington Journalist
Contributor on The Bipartisan Press

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Donald Trump’s move this week to abandon US Kurdish allies in Syria came as a shock to Democrats and Republicans alike.

Even usually strong Trump backers such as Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) have come out strongly about how this impetuous Trump directive will weaken not only our position in that part of the world, but also cut down our allies and aid our adversaries.

It’s serendipitous that Trump decided to make what amounts to one of the worst foreign policy decisions of his presidency while the House simultaneously is conducting its impeachment inquiry into Trump’s Ukraine whistleblower scandal.

That’s because, while Trump’s move to abandon our friends the Kurds may not be directly impeachable, it will no doubt turn more and more Americans against this commander in chief unbecoming the title.

Americans across the political spectrum recognize that 11,000 Kurds have their given their lives in supporting our common fight against ISIS.

And now Donald Trump has sold them out, plain and simple. That is a political calculus all Americans can easily understand.

No, this decision will not find its way into an article of impeachment. But make no mistake: this is as much a reason Trump should not be president.

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    carol wright October 14, 2019

    Our president i belive he does the best he can with what hes got. I wish he would be left alone to do what must be done.