Trump’s Doctor: ‘The Team and I Are Extremely Happy with the Progress the President Has Made,’ But Questions of Honesty Linger

Trump’s Doctor: ‘The Team and I Are Extremely Happy with the Progress the President Has Made,’ But Questions of Honesty Linger


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Janet Ybarra
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Donald Trump’s physician, Dr Sean Conley, declared that he is happy with the president’s health status after Trump spent a night in the hospital due to testing positive for the novel coronavirus.

Despite Dr Conley’s sunny prognosis, questions continue to linger about just how honest White House and other officials are being about Trump’s true health picture now that he’s experiencing at least some symptoms consistent with COVID-19.

Trump tweeted in the middle of the night Friday that he and his wife, Melania, had both tested positive for coronavirus.

“The team and I are extremely happy with the progress the president has made,” Dr Conley told reporters Saturday after Trump’s night at the Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda, Md.

However, Trump’s doctor repeatedly dodged question of whether Trump was ever put on supplementary oxygen.

“First of all, I hope that he and the first lady, and all of the administration personnel and my Senate colleagues get well soon,” Rep Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. “I hope they make a rapid and complete recovery. I wouldn’t wish this virus on anyone. And it’s encouraging that the prognosis looks good.

“I am concerned over a few things,” Schiff added. “First of all, that the White House may not have been candid about the president’s condition when they knew that he had the virus or may very well have had the virus and the president may have exposed people in the White House, his own staff, his own security, people from the Secret Service, supporters of his in Bedminster[,New Jersey] or other events, may have knowingly exposed them or exposed them knowing there was a chance he was carrying the virus. Obviously that would not have been a responsible thing for the president of the United States to do.

“Also struck by how tragic and unnecessary all of this is. The president has the best care and protection of anyone in the country. And this was avoidable. Just as the sad reality is that the — you know, the fact that we have millions of Americans infected was avoidable,” he said. “If we had, you know, followed scientific advice, evidence and worn masks and masks hadn’t been made into a political issue, so much of this misery around the country could have been spared, and the president himself and the first lady may have been spared if there was more adherence to what the scientists and epidemiologists have been telling us for months and months.”

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    Jim Moyer October 3, 2020

    Most people have generally followed the advice of their doctors their entire lives.Why can’t the Presdent of the United States do so?