Trump’s Wall: Ineffective, Waste of Money, Hurts the Military

Trump’s Wall: Ineffective, Waste of Money, Hurts the Military


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Janet Ybarra
Former Washington Journalist
Contributor on The Bipartisan Press

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First, Mexico was going to pay for it.

Then when that didn’t work out, Donald Trump forced the longest partial federal government shutdown in US history in an attempt to force Congress to pay for it.

And when that didn’t work, Trump declared a legally and constitutionally dubious “declaration of emergency” in order to make an end-run around Congress’ power of the purse to essentially raid the US military budget to pay for it.

Now Trump has finally gotten his long-desired, but ill-advised, wall started along the southern border of the United States.

And this big, “beautiful” wall that Trump promised would be so effective?

Smugglers have continued moving goods and people through the wall by cutting holes in it with a saw which costs $100.

So much for the wall that Trump promised would be “virtually impenetrable.”

Okay, so this great and wonderful wall, which Trump has put as the centerpiece of his presidency, has been proven ineffective and basically worthless by a relatively cheap tool.

Ineffective: check.

If the wall is ineffective, it logically follows that the wall — which has cost roughly $10 billion — has been a waste of federal money, making the border wall one of the largest boondoggles in history.

Waste of US taxpayer money: check.

And please remember where Trump is getting his funding from. He’s raiding the budgets of the US military, which means that military projects and programs which were set for funding are now going without because of Trump’s foolishness.

“The well-being of American troops is the core responsibility of every commander in the military, yet the commander in chief is shirking that duty so he can advance his own political agenda,” said Sen Tim Kaine, Democrat of Virginia, home of some of the nation’s largest military installations.

So, now in his poor decision-making, Trump proves limp and weak on the military.

Now that he’s had a chance to construct at least part of his long-loved wall, Trump has compiled a record of being ineffective, wasteful in government spending, and weak on the military.



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