W.H. Climate Adviser: When the President Says He Hears the Word ‘Climate,’ He Thinks ‘Jobs’

W.H. Climate Adviser: When the President Says He Hears the Word ‘Climate,’ He Thinks ‘Jobs’


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Janet Ybarra
Former Washington Journalist
Contributor on The Bipartisan Press

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While a Republican climate denier tries to play “gotcha” by singling out the elements of President Biden’s big new infrastructure plan which pertain to dealing with global climate change, the White House climate adviser is more than happy to own those provisions.

Biden this week rolled out the latest part of his ambitious agenda for his young administration: a $2.2 trillion bill to improve the nation’s aging infrastructure, coast-to-coast.

Marc Morano, a former Republican political aide who operates a climate denial website, appeared this week on Tucker Carlson’s program on Fox News apparently thinking that he could embarrass Biden by calling out the aspects of the president’s infrastructure plan devoted to climate.

“They are redefining the word infrastructure to mean climate activity,” he said. “This was part of their plan because Biden is also making every cabinet a climate agency, from State Department to Interior to Defense Department, financial institutions, so this bill is just the latest in a round of what they are doing because they learned in 2009, they can’t put a climate agenda straight on the American people with a vote on Capitol Hill.”

But rather than anything sinister, as Morano tried to insinuate, the Biden administration is all too happy to discuss the climate elements in the package.

That’s because the technology to address climate change will bring with it many good jobs for American workers, according to Gina McCarthy, White House climate adviser.

“So for me it’s a very exciting moment in time for us to marry the work of the federal government and what we do to actually build a climate-resilient country, but also one that grows jobs, union jobs, good-paying,” McCarthy, who served as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency during the Obama administration, said in a separate interview on another network. “When the president says he hears the word ‘climate,’ he thinks jobs. And I think that’s great. That’s exactly how we should be talking about this, as a big, bold opportunity to invest in America again, especially the communities that have been really systemically disinvested in. It’s time to build hope for everybody and every worker.”

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