Why Do Liberals Hate The United States?

Why Do Liberals Hate The United States?


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Chris O'Leary
Former Marine, Internet Marketing Expert
Contributor on The Bipartisan Press

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Here’s a good question: Why do you hate the United States?

I’m serious.

Current polling data shows that more than 6 in 10 Americans do not approve of the job Donald Trump is doing and that about 57 percent actively disapprove. They dislike him so much that they make fun of him and say things like, “He’s not my president.”

Presidential Approval Ratings — Donald Trump

And you hate that.

But it’s America.

You want a wall built across the entirety of the southern border of the United States, no matter how much it costs, no matter how many times you’ve been shown it’s not a cost-effective solution to border security, you’d rather deride any other solution as “open borders” even though it’s not. Yet current polls show that 56 percent of Americans don’t want the wall.

Poll: Majorities oppose Trump’s wall funding demand, call for compromise

You want that wall so much. So you hate that.

But it’s America.

In America, people express themselves different ways, especially when they’re trying to get a point across. They even do things that make you really angry, like kneeling during the National Anthem, to make a point about the way young black men are treated during interactions with police. Sometimes it’s football players on your favorite football team, and it makes you so mad you can’t even enjoy football anymore.

Man, you hate that.

But even your favorite news network tells you that most Americans support their right to do so. Meaning it’s America. And you hate it.

Most Americans support NFL players’ right to kneel: Poll

You hate that people want to do things that don’t directly benefit you with the money you have to give the government out of your paycheck.

You hate that every day the meaning of the word equality seems to include more and more people, making you feel less and less in sole possession of the American Dream.

You hate that you have so few people anymore that it’s okay for you to feel superior to.

But it’s America.

I’ve been examining this odd idea that comes from the right that they have some kind of monopoly on patriotism for some time. The more I examine it, the more I see how little water it holds.

Liberals don’t hate America. Liberals love what America is and can be.

Conservatives wearing red hats with white writing love some strange perception they have of what it was at some point in the past.

In general, though, conservatives do love America. This is true.

But liberals do as well. The thing is, though, it’s a different kind of love.

Conservatives show their love of country with a sort of reverent respect, submission to ultimate authority, in a way that is best expressed by the phrase, “Love it or leave it” In other words, take her as she is, don’t try to change her.

As one loves a parent.

As one who loves their parents unconditionally, through their faults. As an aging parent, but one who you can still see as the titan they were when you were a child. You wish you could see them in all that glory again.

Liberals love America a different way, and in my opinion, a more brutally honest way. Liberals love America as one loves a child. Something to be nurtured, grown, developed. Something that is not perfect, and needs a lot of work to be improved upon. And they are willing to do that work.

When you see liberals out in droves carrying signs, shouting and chanting, you look at them derisively and ask, “Why do they hate America?”

That isn’t hate, my man. It is the greatest expression they can make of how much they love this country. In my opinion, it’s a much stronger expression of love for country to get out and act to work on righting wrongs, improving conditions, standing up against injustice than to blindly wish things were like they were back in the ‘50s before the dirty hippies messed everything up. (I hope that’s as far back as you want to go.)

Maybe you should start to show her a little more love.

O’Leary served 10 years in the US Marine Corps.

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  • comment-avatar
    • comment-avatar

      Americans are mass produced with a liberal ideology from their birth.
      Everywhere they hear how despicable their country is on every media outlet. It’s a continuous brain washing. Why? Our people are spoiled rotten.

  • comment-avatar

    Democrats hate the United States; no amount of Orwellian NewSpeak will ever change that fact.

  • comment-avatar

    TLDR : Urban areas, loyal to internationalism and cosmopolitanism, disagree with you so you hate America.

    What a retarded concept. This entire article is an appeal to popularity. Are we supposed to feel bad that hedonistic urbanites hate Trump with a fervent passion? It is a source of pride, not shame.

    The word “equality” is no longer a means by which to aspire, but a word used by which to beat European Americans into submission and put them in a neverending state of self-hatred; demanding they apologize for the sins of their ancestors even through the white race has objectively made the world a better place. Equality is a dogwhistle for anti-white propaganda.

    Why should we be glad that more people are included on the American dream if the term “American” is so inclusive that a muslim who seeks to stone gays to death, a Mexican who sends all his money to his family in Mexico, out to be both seen as equally american due to their citizenship?

    American now is an empty word similar to that of Yugoslav or Austro Hungarian. Your cosmopolitanism and inclusivity has not made America a better place, but has made it a conglomérate of mongrels and degenerates, with the heartlands being the only place with a respect for the law and the family unit remaining.

    You compare your “love” to America to nurturing a child. Do you tell your child to hate himself for being white? Do you demand of him to be both a muslim and a jew? Do you demand of him to send all his money to Mexico? If America is a child, you are it’s abuser, and you would be put in jail.

    • comment-avatar

      Bill, You do realize that Donald Trump is the epitome of a hedonistic urbanite, right? Tell me you know that has always been true of him and you see that, with your own eyes. The way you generalize about immigrants is the same way your own ancestors were demonized. Yet after 2 generations they were all fully “Americanized” and part of the melting pot as with all immigrant groups. Sadly, there are as many people born here with the character traits we all abhor as any number of people trying to come here. Fact; immigrants commit fewer crimes than homegrown Americans.

      • comment-avatar

        Arthur you need to stop watching leftist controlled fake news, that way you wont sound goofy.

        Trump hedonistic? Your little willfully ignorant liberal buddies tell you that? Trump certainly is NOT perfect and yes he is rich with a rich lifestyle, but he is not a hedonistic scumbag as it seems you are trying to accuse him of being. He is FAR too busy to sit around lazily being hedonistic.

        Trump also has done a massive list of charitable things throughout his life, yet the fake news wont show it. Not to mention he has done more for the US before even his first term is up, than the last 20 plus years of swamp rats on both sides doing all they could to sell out and run the US into the ground.

        There is a massive amount of crime happening in direct relation to illegal immigrants, so saying “Fact; immigrants commit fewer crimes than homegrown Americans.” does not mean you can simply ignore the huge amount of the illegal immigrant related crimes, unless of course you are not living in reality(most leftists). Trump was right on the money, there are a ton of bad people flooding into the country mixed in with the huge amount of illegals, and we already cant afford the millions of illegals we have now thanks to our previous traitor POTUS Obama. Child traffickers, drug dealers, convicts, murderers, rapists, ultra violent MS13 gangs, you name it they are flooding in. Talk to the brave men and women of the border patrols, you know the good people leftists talk crap about, and they will back up everything I say. And the wall is a GREAT idea, since walls have a long history of WORKING.

        Immigration is great, ILLEGAL immigration is NOT.

  • comment-avatar
    Arthur Lynch August 5, 2020

    Cory, Judge not the personal, but remember, you brought hedonism into the conversation.
    he·don·is·tic/adjective:engaged in the pursuit of pleasure; sensually self-indulgent.
    You do know he paid off prostitutes, right?
    And then there is this. What kind of scoundrel cheats charities?
    New York Attorney General Letitia James today released the following statement after Donald J. Trump was forced to pay more than $2 million in court-ordered damages to eight different charities for illegally misusing charitable funds at the Trump Foundation for political purposes:

    “Not only has the Trump Foundation shut down for its misconduct, but the president has been forced to pay $2 million for misusing charitable funds for his own political gain. Charities are not a means to an end, which is why these damages speak to the president’s abuse of power and represent a victory for not-for-profits that follow the law. Funds have finally gone where they deserve — to eight credible charities. My office will continue to fight for accountability because no one is above the law — not a businessman, not a candidate for office, and not even the president of the United States.”
    End of conversation.

    • comment-avatar

      No, I did not bring up hedonism, go ahead and scroll and copy and paste it to prove me wrong.

      If you have proof to back your claims of Trump paying of prostitutes, go ahead and provide it.

      Cheats charities? Again if you have actual proof, you know from non-leftist fake news sites that would be great.

      There is a long list of well known charity Trump has been involved in, so much in fact it would be literally a massive list too long to put here in one comment. Use a safe non-leftist(ie not fake news) search engine like DuckDuckGo, then do some research.

      And its not the end of the conversation simply because you say so, back up your claims or shut it, its that simple.

  • comment-avatar
    Kristy Shanahan October 11, 2021

    Obviously, it is not liberals that hate America, it is conservatives. In fact they want to kill American democracy and have as much as said so. So why publish these lying headlines?