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Yes, Donald Trump Is Rooting for Break-up of the EU

By Alex Denethorn

Of course Donald Trump is hoping for a dissolution of the European Union, and it's not a secret.

Why Minorities May be Socially Conservative But Vote Democratic

By Dallas Mitchell

The Republican brand of social conservatism is for other people.

Why the Sanders Candidacy is No Longer Viable

By Tony Panaccio

Before the first presidential debate between Senator John F. Kennedy and Vice President Richard M. Nixon, the talk on the street was that Nixon was going to mop the floor with JFK.

July CNN Democratic Presidential Debate Night 2

By Allison Hellman

The second Democratic debate is over, and I have to say that last night was a huge surprise, but also a huge disappointment.

July CNN Democratic Debate Night 1

By Allison Hellman

We’re staying up late again to watch the next round of Democratic debates, and give all the candidates the grades they deserve.

Let’s Talk About The 7th Maryland Congressional District

By Chris O'Leary

Let’s talk about Maryland’s 7th Congressional District, the subject of Trump’s latest weird tweetstorm, and aside from reminding Donald Trump that he actually is the president of Maryland’s 7th Congressional District, let’s look at it just from a “facts” standpoint first.

Maybe The Fault Lies With Us, Not Mueller

By Alex Denethorn

You can tell that we're not holding presidents to the same standards as we used to.

The Death Penalty’s Fatal Flaw is Finding a Way to Do It Right

By Tony Panaccio

As the federal government is gearing up to start executing death row inmates, I found myself remembering my first, and incredibly surreal, experience with capital punishment.

Google Cares About One Thing, and It Isn’t Politics

By Chris O'Leary

The bias you see when you look at your Google search results is your own.

Conservatives, Not Liberals, Are The Ones Not Interested in Other Viewpoints

By Alex Denethorn

Embracing pluralism is one of the big tenets of any liberal or progressive movement -- you aim to be inclusive, as much as possible.