We Should Be Thanking Trump for Declaring a National Emergency

We Should Be Thanking Trump for Declaring a National Emergency


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Welton Wang
Managing Editor
Contributor on The Bipartisan Press

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President Trump wants his wall. He has shown through the record-breaking government shutdown that he isn’t going to take anything less than a wall.

Democrats have shown that they aren’t going to accept anything that will allow Trump to build his wall. Even the bill signed by Trump for future funding only provided $1.4 billion for a border barrier. The new funding bill also placed restrictions on what types of borders could be built.

Trump said he wasn’t happy with this deal, but rather than vetoing it, he passed it and declared a national emergency instead.

The National Emergencies Act was passed in 1976 and gave the government the power to:

  • call forth the militia to execute the laws, suppress an insurrection or repel an invasion.
  • suspend consideration of writs of habeas corpus “when in cases of rebellion or invasion the public safety may require it.”
  • bring felony charges without presentment or grand jury indictment in cases arising “in the militia, when in actual service in time of war or public danger.”
  • allow a state government to engage in war without Congress’s approval if “actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger as will not admit of delay.”

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/State_of_emergency#United_States

A national emergency would allow Trump to allocate military construction funding to his border wall, thereby bypassing the Congress completely.

Trump said “there is a growing humanitarian and security crisis at our southern border,” but also said afterward that he “didn’t need to do this.”

People on the left were very critical about his decision, and soon after the declaration, 16 states, led by California (of course), sued Trump. They claimed it was unnecessary and an abuse of power.

With all the negative press, most people would assume it’s a bad thing — but is it really?

Declaring a national emergency was probably the smartest choice Trump could have. No matter what Trump does, people are going to criticize him. However, a national emergency is much better compared to a second government shutdown.

The last time we had a shutdown, the economy lost over $10 billion, because neither Trump nor the Democrats would compromise. What says they will now?

Another shutdown would last for days, even weeks, and would not only affect workers, but would also damage the economy, suspend some public services, and create many other problems. A national emergency doesn’t affect daily activity: just the military budget.

Imagine what would have happened if we had another shutdown. The media would be over Trump immediately, with stories like, “Donald Trump Refuses to Cooperate, Causing 2nd Shutdown,” while in reality, its due to the lack of bipartisan agreement on both sides.

And for those that claim we don’t have a crisis at our border, that’s not true.

Hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants cross our border illegally. They cost the government billions of dollars in taxpayer money. A huge portion of illegal drugs also come through our Mexican border.

Many people take the wall too literally. Yes, we need a wall to help make the border patrols job easier. However, the wall obviously isn’t a cure-all solution. Most Republicans don’t expect the wall to fix all our immigration problems. We simply want to make the border patrol’s job easier and make people cross through valid points of entry.

A wall also sends a message. Not an immoral one like Nancy Pelosi says, but one that shows we are going to take border security seriously now. Border security has been a huge issue with the US that hasn’t been properly addressed, and Trump is finally implementing fixes that work.

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