Rep. Biggs: Democrats, not Trump, are Abusing Power

Rep. Biggs: Democrats, not Trump, are Abusing Power


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Welton Wang
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In a House Judiciary hearing, Republican House Representative Andy Biggs pushed back against the ongoing impeachment hearing, claiming that the Democrats were abusing their power, not Trump.

“Democrats have not only drawn different inferences from the fact, they have created facts to satisfy the obsession of their rage. It is a kind of mass hysteria, a cognitive dissonance, it’s an alternative reality they created. One colleague said if the president were innocent, he would come forward and bring documents, give us all the documents we want and everybody would come. To where? To this committee?”

“We can’t even get a fact witness in here. There’s no fact witness that comes in here. We get a law professor and staff asking staff questions. You want to go to Schiff’s bunker where he’s holding secret hearings, selectively leaking material that’s damaging to the president. Is that where you want him to come if he’s innocent? Yeah, bring it to us, we’ll scotch it. We’re going to blast it, we’re going to basically curb it and create the fact situation we want by misinterpreting everything you do.”

He slammed the apparent ignorance of facts from the Democrats, saying that the Democrats claim the president violated the law but they don’t have any evidence on which to base that claim.

“Well, here’s a for instance. They claim that the president publicly — he wanted a public announcement of investigations, but the only witness who said anything about that was a guy named Gordon Sondland, who admitted that no one on Earth told him that but he presumed it. He also said the only direct conversation he had with the president about these things was that the president said he wanted nothing from Ukraine except to clean up its corruption.”

He then continued to press that the president did not violate the law.

“The best evidence is the transcript between President Zelensky and President Trump. It shows no conditionality, no quid pro quo, no this for that. Aid was never even mentioned on the call. Subsequently, the president of Ukraine and various Ukrainian government physicals said there was no pressure, there were no conditions. The most recent statement was about a week ago from the president of Ukraine said it was fine, no pressure.”

These statements cames from a House Judiciary Committee meeting discussing the articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump. During the hearing, Rep. Biggs introduced an amendment to the articles saying that the withholding of aid was linked to making sure Ukrain was serious about anti-corruption laws

The amendment reads, “The aid was released within days of Ukrainian President Zelenskiy signing two major anti-corruption measures into law, convincing President Trump that the new Ukrainian administration was serious about reform measures and consistent with Administration policy to ensure foreign aid is not used for corrupt purposes.”

Biggs further explained:

“They [Democrats] claim that the only reason that President Trump released the aid was because the hold on aid became public. The fact of the matter is they produced no evidence on that but some timeline from which they drew some inferences. But, the stronger inference is — on the same day it was released, two important anti-corruption laws, the ending of immunity for Ukrainian legislators and reinstatement of a vigorous anti-corruption court.”

Finishing his statement off, he accused the Democrats of not really wanting to seek justice and abusing power.

“You don’t want to assert a remedy. You don’t want to go into court, you don’t want to negotiate with an executive branch. You want to hurry and impeachment. If you took this to court and wanted to find out, a court would say the privilege is bad, privilege is overly broad and would narrow the privilege. You don’t want that. You want impeachment. That’s all you want. And your case comes down to this, it rests on gossip, rumors, and innuendos. You don’t have direct evidence. The abuse of power is not by President Trump, it is by this body, who is trying to produce this preconceived, preordained result.”

The bill Bigg’s proposed did not pass the committee, which the Democrats hold a majority in.

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