Bernie Sanders Says Joe Biden Will Become ‘a More Progressive Candidate’

Bernie Sanders Says Joe Biden Will Become ‘a More Progressive Candidate’


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Janet Ybarra
Former Washington Journalist
Contributor on The Bipartisan Press

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Bernie Sanders may no longer be running for president himself, but the senator from Vermont plans to stay very involved in the campaign, almost like a “progressive coach” of sorts for presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

That’s what Sanders told the 62 million followers of rapper Cardi B during an appearance Wednesday on her Instagram Live.

“What I am also trying to do right now, Cardi, is to work with Joe to see that he becomes a more progressive candidate, right. In other words, what I want to see him stand for, which he will, is to raise the minimum wage to at least 15 bucks an hour, to make sure that all of our young people have the opportunity to go to college regardless of their income, to cancel student debt for a lot of people,” said Sanders, who earlier this week officially endorsed Biden for president. “I would go further in all of these areas that he goes, but he is moving in the right direction.

“He is moving in the right direction on immigration reform. I think you’ll be pleased to hear what he has to say. I know that criminal justice and the number of people who are in jail, they’re often African-American or Latino, disproportionately, is an issue of concern to you,” Sanders added. “I think you’ll be hearing him making some pretty strong statements about the need for criminal justice reform, to make sure that we’re not throwing the young people into jail but getting them the education and the jobs that they need.”    

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