Thanks For The Impeachment Trial Support, Mr Bloomberg

Thanks For The Impeachment Trial Support, Mr Bloomberg


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Janet Ybarra
Former Washington Journalist
Contributor on The Bipartisan Press

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I thought that Tom Steyer was supposed to be the billionaire pro-impeachment candidate.

Steyer, after all, created the group Need to Impeach and went on a nationwide townhall-style tour to drum up support for the impeachment of Donald Trump.

That was more than two years ago.

But since the House actually impeached Trump on abuse of power and obstruction charges?

Crickets from the Steyer camp. Now that Democrats actually could use a bit of support as they try Trump in the face of a Republican Senate which has made little pretense that they are ready to absolve Trump of his crimes and move on? Apparently, all Steyer wants to talk about are term limits for members of Congress.

We even used this space here a few weeks back to try to coax Steyer to spend part of his fortune on just such a media campaign to back the Democrats in their legitimate attempt to hold Trump to account for his crimes.

Steyer didn’t bite.

But that other billionaire running for the Democratic presidential nomination, thankfully, did.

Mike Bloomberg this week began running a new ad urging lawmakers to vote to remove Trump from office. The 30-second ad will run in 27 states, including Colorado, Maine, Arizona, and North Carolina, where Republican senators are facing difficult re-election efforts.

For Bloomberg, who spent his years running New York City first as a Republican, and then an independent, this new boost to his Democratic compatriots is both a significant and welcome show of loyalty to country and to the Democratic Party which he wishes to now lead as standard-bearer.

By running these ads, Bloomberg is demonstrating a patriotism and love of country, as a majority of Americans believe Trump does deserve to be removed from office–even as Senate Republicans do their darnedest that isn’t the case.

And Bloomberg is showing solidarity with his adopted political party at a moment when Democrats are fighting in the face of Republican intransigence–and Republicans should pay a hefty price for that.

Many grateful Democrats are watching these new ads, exhorting the Senate to remove Donald Trump, and these Democrats each say a little “thank you” to Bloomberg each time the ad comes on.

I know, at least, that this one does.

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    Stephen Farrell January 25, 2020

    Disagree with everything .. Bloomberg is not president material ..Trump 2020