Biden’s Campaign Strategy: ‘Not Going to Put Him on TikTok Doing Weird Dances, Going To Accentuate Best Qualities’

Biden’s Campaign Strategy: ‘Not Going to Put Him on TikTok Doing Weird Dances, Going To Accentuate Best Qualities’


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Janet Ybarra
Former Washington Journalist
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While some may see presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden as largely absent from online campaigning, the Biden campaign has made a strategic decision to spotlight the candidate where it shows “his best qualities,” according to journalist Sam Stein.

With the United States having gone through state stay-at-home orders and the need for social distancing to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, that’s made traditional rally-based campaigning impossible.

It’s put more of a spotlight, as the challenger, on Biden’s online presence which many analysts–often conservatives–have criticized, as saying that Biden’s been “hiding in his basement.”

“So, you know, part of the reason I wanted to do this story is that there’s been a lot of criticism for Joe Biden and what he is doing online. Mostly from Twitter pundits. But there is an actual strategy behind what he is doing. To them, it is working,” said Stein, politics editor at The Daily Beast. “Obviously, he is persistently in the lead in the polls in a way that’s historically advantageous. And what they decided is, essentially, they’re not going to force it. They’re not putting a square peg through a round hole.

“So they’re not going to put him on platforms that seem out of touch and weird. They won’t put him on TikTok, for instance. They’re not going to have him do weird dances and stuff like that,” added Stein, who also is a MSNBC contributor. “They’ll try to get him into these platforms that accentuate his best qualities, which are empathy and what they believe is a, you know, presence of a commander in chief. What has really worked for them is sort of counter-intuitive in the modern and digital Internet age, which is, you know, usually we think of things that go viral as short videos and memes and things like that.”

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