Claire McCaskill: ‘Donald Trump Thinks He’s the Victim of This Virus’

Claire McCaskill: ‘Donald Trump Thinks He’s the Victim of This Virus’


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Janet Ybarra
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It’s become obvious that through his narcissism, Donald Trump’s decided that he’s the real victim of the novel coronavirus pandemic, according to former Democratic senator Claire McCaskill.

In the United States, there have been more than 1.7 million reported cases of COVID-19, including 102,736 deaths, according to the most recent figures.

Although Trump’s been focused on reopening the US economy, after much of it’s been shuttered due to state stay-at-home orders and lockdown conditions.

Trump consistently lags probable rival, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in opinion polling, however.

“Yeah, you know, Peter’s reporting and many other great reporters in this country have revealed the truth of the matter. And that is that Donald Trump thinks he’s the victim of this virus,” said McCaskill, now a MSNBC contributor, referring to New York Times White House reporter Peter Baker. “That somehow this has been done to him. And he’s never seen his role as someone to protect, to empathize, to be aggressive in terms of safety. Only Donald Trump could make wearing a mask, political. And what he has done is he has basically convinced people that if you’re wearing a mask, you’re somehow not manly. Well, real men wear masks. Donald Trump is not a real man.

“Joe Biden was over the weekend. And something from Missouri, that lake is where I typically would be on a Memorial Day weekend, with my entire family. We have a place down there and we go there for holiday weekends, as many Missourians do. The people you saw in those pictures aren’t from the lake. They’re from St. Louis, Kansas City and Iowa and Kansas and Arkansas. People come from all over the Midwest,” she said in an on-air segment. “And it wasn’t just one pool party, it was bar after bar, body-to-body, no face masks. And that is what he’s role-modeling. And frankly, a lot of the people in those crowds, they thought they were, you know, standing up for what the president believes in. And that is not to care about the public safety part of this. And now they’re all going to go back to where they live.

“And I don’t know if there’ll be a spike in our states or other states as a result of their reckless behavior over the weekend, but you notice there wasn’t one word from the president saying this was a bad thing,” McCaskill said. “He’s on their side, not on the side of safety.”

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