Despite Jobs Rebound, Pelosi Laments Those ‘Still Struggling’

Despite Jobs Rebound, Pelosi Laments Those ‘Still Struggling’


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Janet Ybarra
Former Washington Journalist
Contributor on The Bipartisan Press

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Although job growth in the US economy bounced back from its slump in May, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi continued to rail against Donald Trump’s economic policies for leaving too many Americans behind.

The economy added a more-robust 224,000 jobs during June, while the unemployment rate ticked up to 3.7 percent, still near a 50-year low.

However, signs are that the economic expansion is not reaching all Americans, as upwards of 40 percent say they are still struggling to pay their bills.

“The June job numbers are an improvement over May’s dreadful report, but hard-working Americans are still struggling under the Trump Administration’s disastrous special interest agenda,” Pelosi said in a prepared statement.

“As the cost of living soars, too many hard-working Americans are being forced to work multiple jobs just to provide for themselves and their families,” Pelosi added. “While the wealthy and well-connected have been further enriched by the GOP’s special interest giveaways, hard-working men and women earning the federal minimum wage are falling further and further behind.  Our economy must work for everyone, not just the wealthy and privileged few.”

Congressional Democrats are fighting for other priorities, Pelosi said.

“Our Democratic Majority is fighting For The People to lower the price of prescription drugs and protect people with pre-existing conditions, to raise wages by rebuilding America with green, modern, job-creating infrastructure, and to clean up corruption in Washington,” Pelosi’s statement said. “We will continue to work to deliver results for the American people on the issues that matter in their lives. By advancing bold legislation to protect the health and financial stability of American families, we will build a future of prosperity and opportunity for all.”

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