Gov. Cuomo: ‘New York Is Not an Anomaly’ for Coronavirus Infections

Gov. Cuomo: ‘New York Is Not an Anomaly’ for Coronavirus Infections

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Welton Wang
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The state of New York currently has 59,648 coronavirus infections, and 965 deaths, surpassing the other states by a considerable margin. Speaking at a coronavirus press conference, the governor addressed the current situation for New York, saying “the number of cases continues to go up, 6,984, total number of cases 66,000 cases.”

More importantly, the governor warned that what was happening in New York was not an “anomaly” and other states may soon follow a similar curve of infection as New York.

“There’s only one county now that does not have a Covid case. Anyone who says this is a New York City only situation is in a state of denial. There is no American who is immune to this virus I don’t care if you live in Kansas, I don’t care if you live in Texas, there is no American that is immune. What is happening to New York is not an anomaly. There is nothing about a New Yorker’s immune system that is any different than any other American’s immune system.”

“So in many ways, New York is just a canary in the coal mine. What you see us going through here, you will see happening all across this country. So part of what we are doing here is not only serving New Yorkers, but we believe we’re dealing with this pandemic at a level intensity and density no one has seen before, and hopefully, we’ll learn lessons here that we can then share with people across this nation.”

As cases in other states start to increase exponentially, he warned that New Jersey and California could be next to see their health care system overwhelmed.

“Most impacted states, New York you see is at 66,000, New Jersey is next with 13, California 6,000. So we have ten times the problem that California is dealing with. 2,739 deaths in the state of New York.”

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    TMLutas April 1, 2020

    Your AI needs better training. The political fight between rural, suburban, and urban lifestyles has a partisan tinge to it because of Democratic party dominance in urban areas. The idea that such an exemplar of the the ultimate in urban lifestyle, New York City, is just like everyone else, is a partisan point. We’re all the same biologically, but our lifestyle choices are not and they do make a difference. Cuomo doesn’t want to admit to that and it’s for partisan reasons.