Interactive Quiz: Can You Identify Fake News?

Interactive Quiz: Can You Identify Fake News?


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Welton Wang
Managing Editor
Contributor on The Bipartisan Press

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Fake news plagues our media cycle. Fake news has gotten more and more sophisticated, and with the rise of AI like GPT-2 and Grover that can churn out hundreds of articles an hour, it’s only gotten easier to spread.

How well can you identify fake news?


Read the following articles as you would a normal article from CNN, Reuters, or another major outlet, fact checking and verifying information as you normally would when reading news.

All the following text below is unique, so you won’t find any exact matches of these stories to verify.

See how well you (and your friends) can identify fake news!

Keep in mind, biased news =/= fake news. Fake news is news that contains misleading/false

Disclaimer: The following texts contains both real and FAKE information and should not be used as a source. Some of the following text were fabricated by GPT-2, 1558M.

Can you identify fake news?

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