Mueller’s Answers to Two Questions Could Put Trump’s Presidency in Real Jeopardy

Mueller’s Answers to Two Questions Could Put Trump’s Presidency in Real Jeopardy


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Since he spent months now insisting that Robert Mueller’s report fully exonerated him of both collusion with the Russians and obstruction, one might imagine President Donald Trump would absolutely welcome Mueller’s congressional testimony next month just to emphasize the point.

Nothing could be further from the truth, with Trump once again slamming Mueller–and even accusing, with no evidence, the former special counsel of committing a crime.

Why is Trump so agitated?

Because he knows there’s a risk of two pertinent questions coming from Congress that Mueller is likely going to have to answer:

  1. Although you did not find sufficient evidence to level charges of conspiracy against the president, are you satisfied that there were indeed acts of collusion between the Russians and the Trump campaign?
  2. In your report, you observed that, if you had confidence that the president had not commited a crime, you would have so stated. You did not so state. Do you therefore believe that there is a sufficient level of evidence to charge the president with a crime? Did you refrain from this solely on the basis of Justice Department policy?

If Mueller answers “Yes” to either of those questions, Trump’s presidency will be in significant jeopardy. Trump is well aware of this, so he’s railing against Mueller (once again) in an effort to discredit him ahead of time.

Unfortunately for Trump, Robert Mueller is far more credible then the current president has ever been. If he steps up and says that the president of the United States knowingly engaged in acts that would, for any other citizen, warrant indictment…that’s the ball game.

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  • comment-avatar
    Mark Gruben July 2, 2019

    A lot of Republicans insist that Mr. Mueller’s testimony will backfire on Democrats. This is what’s sometimes called “whistling in the graveyard.”

  • comment-avatar
    Mr. Independent July 6, 2019

    Mueller’s credibility is not the issue. The only variable that matters is the willingness of Republican senators to condemn Trump, and they refuse to do so because they fear the reaction of their constituencies. The voters? Trump supporters care about results (the economy, immigration, Supreme Court appointees) rather than personality, character or democratic principles, and many conservative-learning independents feel the same way. Alas, Trump will not be removed via impeachment, and he will lose in 2020 only if the Democrats nominate a candidate who can win the swing states. They probably won’t.