Penn. Congresswoman Says ‘There Has Been a Shift’ Among Her Constituents Towards Impeachment

Penn. Congresswoman Says ‘There Has Been a Shift’ Among Her Constituents Towards Impeachment


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Janet Ybarra
Former Washington Journalist
Contributor on The Bipartisan Press

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A Democratic freshman member of Congress attending a town hall meeting in her swing district has detected a noticable shift among her constituents towards impeachment of Donald Trump.

In a television interview, Rep. Madeleine Dean said voters in her district–which centers on the wealthy Philadelphia suburbs of Montgomery County, Penn.–expect Congress to simultaneously legislate key issues and conduct investigations of Trump and his administration.

“Guess what, they want us to do both and that was my great takeaway. And there’s been a shift in the conversation in my community, in my district. So last night what came up were gun violence, health care, prescription drug pricing, climate change, Social Security, cost of student loan debt, all of those important things,” said Dean, whose district has been traded between Democratic and Republican representatives for several decades now. “They want to talk about that. But I bet it wasn’t two or three questions in from the audience, then the question of holding this president accountable.

“The man asked for impeachment. That’s why I took the time to explain why I went for an impeachment inquiry,” Dean added. “The room mostly, I would say 99 percent of the room, applauded in terms of impeachment inquiry. They absolutely did. That is a shift from four or five or six weeks ago.”

Dean said that she also has noticed an increase in the interest among her Democratic colleagues in the House.

“I’ve had colleagues either call me on the telephone or stop me on the floor, as we’re involved in voting, and say, ‘What’s going on? Why is it that you made the shift a couple of weeks ago now to say that we should call for an impeachment inquiry?’

“And the thing that I say is that I feel on [the Judiciary Committee] that we are foot soldiers and then when we issue lawful subpoenas for the constitutional oversight we ought to be doing and they are ignored, blocked, thwarted by this administration, by this president, by this attorney general, enough is enough and I believe we should start an impeachment inquiry.”

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