Rendell: Biden’s Lengthy Record Is Not Problem for His Candidacy

Rendell: Biden’s Lengthy Record Is Not Problem for His Candidacy


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Janet Ybarra
Former Washington Journalist
Contributor on The Bipartisan Press

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Although Joe Biden has come under criticism for aspects of his long record since he’s been running for president, the totality of that record actually makes the former vice president an attractive candidate.

That’s according to a former governor of Pennsylvania and ex-chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

“Yeah, there’s no question about it. But the record cuts both ways. I’ve heard a lot about problems with the crime bill, and there were problems and Joe Biden admitted those problems,” said former governor Ed Rendell, who is also a contemporary of Biden’s. “But the crime bill actually passed an assault weapons ban. It passed a ban on high-capacity magazines, something progressives die for.

“We would give our right arm for an assault weapons ban on high-capacity magazines. So I think Joe Biden has a terrific record, a terrific record if you look at the totality of his career,” Rendell added. “He has nothing to apologize for. In fact, there wouldn’t be an [Affordable Care Act] without Joe Biden. There wouldn’t be an economic stimulus without Joe Biden.”

Biden was a Democratic senator from Delaware for decades before being elected vice president in 2008.

Biden is one of nearly two dozen Democrats running for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Most public opinion polls have put Biden has the unquestioned front-runner for that nomination. A new poll confirms that status.

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