Rep. Tlaib Throws Shade at Dems Not Ready To Impeach: ‘10 Million People Just Told Us: Do Something’

Rep. Tlaib Throws Shade at Dems Not Ready To Impeach: ‘10 Million People Just Told Us: Do Something’


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Janet Ybarra
Former Washington Journalist
Contributor on The Bipartisan Press

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Some House Democrats are becoming increasingly restless on the issue of impeaching Donald Trump, including an outspoken freshman member who delivered what she called a petition from 10 million Americans calling for Trump’s impeachment.

The demands for impeachment come at an increasingly tumultuous political time in which Trump is ordering members of his administration not to cooperate with congressional subpoenas and he himself has declared executive privilege over the full Mueller Report.

“What I think is important is to recognize that 10 million people said that we need to hold this president accountable. That speaks volumes. Just alone think about it, 10 million people want us to uphold the United States Constitution,” said Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich). “Ten million people want us to investigate this president and whether or not he has violated the United States Constitution and whether or not he’s acting above the law and I think that is tremendous, you know, movement that is moving — saying to all of us as members of Congress, please, please do something. Take back our democracy. Get back our country. Because for so many of us we’re seeing this becoming a slippery slope and to a president, you know, really does believe that he’s above the law.

“I think any of us, yourself, Erin, or myself doing anything that he’s done, including not divesting in his businesses while he’s president, all of the interactions between the Trump Organization and the Trump administration, we would be under investigation today,” Tlaib told CNN’s Erin Burnett. “We would probably be prosecuted within 24 hours.”

The Trump Organization is Trump’s private business enterprise.

Rep. Al Green, of Texas, is another House Democrat who has advocated for Trump’s impeachment. And, he too, renewed that call after Trump seemed to taunt Green during a Trump rally this week in Florida.

“I’m that man, a liberated Democrat, a liberated Democrat in the spirit of Shirley Chisholm,” said Green, referring to the first African American woman elected to Congress. Like Chrisholm, Green is African American. “I’m unbought and unbossed. Mr. President, you finally encountered at least one person that your money can’t buy and your power doesn’t scare. You have a date with destiny, Mr. President. Your fate is in the hands of 435 members of Congress. You are not above the law. No one is. Impeachment is in the hands of this Congress.

“That man, Mr. President, is a member of this Congress. Mr. President, I assure you that the long arm of the law is reaching out for you,” Green added in a speech on the House floor. “In this country we will not allow you or any other person to hold yourself out as being above the law. You have an appointment with history in this House of Representatives. If no one else will bring you to justice, I will, Mr. President.” 

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