Sen. Brown: People Might Give up Unemployment Benefits to Go Back to Work Which Might Be Unsafe

Sen. Brown: People Might Give up Unemployment Benefits to Go Back to Work Which Might Be Unsafe


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Janet Ybarra
Former Washington Journalist
Contributor on The Bipartisan Press

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The Trump administration is betraying workers across the United States for forcing them to have to go back to work in workplaces which are not necessarily healthy, according to Sen Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio).

Trump and his Republican allies are largely reopening economies and pushing Americans back to work in workplaces which could be infected with the novel coronavirus.

“Well, I think about you are a worker who has been laid off. You are getting unemployment now. So you’re not going to get, your kids are going to be fairly well provided for. Not great. You’ve taken an income yet. At your home. You are drawing unemployment benefits for four more months. Then you are called back to work. You are not sure your employer has made the workplace safe. Will you go back to work? Have you no choice. You are just not sure it’s safe. I was talking to a grocery store worker in Cincinnati and said you know they say I’m essential. They don’t pay me well or protect me at work. I feel like I’m expendable. That’s what workers are facing,” Brown said. “One time, this administration betrayed workers time and time again, as you know, if one time they would walk in the shoe of the a worker who is facing this terrible problem on sick days or on going back to work fought sure the workplace is safe. Because they know we have a president who wants people to go back to work even in slaughterhouses where hundreds of people get sick. The lines move too fast.

“The employers show no history of worker safety and the president wants to weaken the standards and put them pack into the malestrom of a dangerous workplace,” he added. “That’s morally prep reprehensible.

“He’s on the same page of this president,” Brown said of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. “The top economic guy. The secretary of the treasury. He has to defend a bankrupt policy. He knows he wasn’t telling the truth.”

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