The Best Political Memes of January, 2019

Record-Breaking Month

The Best Political Memes of January, 2019

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These memes tend to mock Trump's administration.

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Winston Wang
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Contributor on The Bipartisan Press

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We live in a century where memes are an irreplaceable part of our culture.  Memes are always popping up and describe everything ranging from engineering to politics to nature.

Memes usually originate from viral sources like Twitter and Reddit

Here are the best political memes from January 2019:


Here’s a meme referencing to the record-breaking shutdown that ended during January. The shutdown ended with a temporary deal that provided no funding for the wall and extended current funding for 3 more weeks.

A classic Patrick meme about socialism.


“What Trump supporters be like.” – This meme describes Trump’s boasting about his usually superficial accomplishments.


“Trump Logic” – This meme refers to the FBI Hilliary Investigation during the 2016 election.  Many Democrats blame the investigation for Hilliary’s loss.  With the ongoing Robert-Mueller investigation, this meme characterizes Trump’s expected opinion.

FOX News: Breaking Headlines! – This meme shows Fox News’s unwillingness to cover anything that reflects poorly on Trump.

That’s a big oof. – Just another one of Trump’s 50,000 + tweets.


Mommyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy – This meme came when a camera caught Trump’s comical face during the Mc Donalds catering at the White House.


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    Ben Dover April 9, 2019

    Suck ass memes. Liberals make horrible memes.

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    NPC understanding of memes:


    “We’re good at memes! Orange man really IS bad!”

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    lachlan conn June 18, 2019

    this site is fucking gay