The Stupidity of Politics

The Stupidity of Politics


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Welton Wang
Managing Editor
Contributor on The Bipartisan Press

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Politics plays an ever-increasing role in everyone’s life — and is usually the most common topic that is reported by news publishers. However, many parts of politics still remain outdated and, in some ways, stupid.

The Competition

Political parties once were just two groups of people with different beliefs and wanted nothing to do with each other. However, it has grown to parties that are bent on discrediting every other party, and believing that only they are right. What once were people with similar beliefs banding together has become a monstrosity bent on destroying the other party and acquiring new members.

Let take, for example, California. California is widely accepted as the most Democratic state in the United States. California just so happens to be the most populous state with the most representative in the House. Losing votes would be very damaging to the Democrats, so they have to constantly acquire new members and educate the children of California on why Democrats are good and Republicans are so bad.

One example of this would be in history textbooks. As you can see from the images below (Source: Twitter), a history textbook is clearly written to portray Trump as a bad person. Everyone has biases, but in history? Really?

See, now, instead of people making their own decisions and joining the party that they feel their decisions are aligned with, its parties making decisions for the people.

Maybe one day, the parties could learn to cooperate and actually work something out. Not just oppose each other.

But of course, politics is all about gaining more power. And with power, comes corruption, war, and malice.

Besides that, many parties also end up “voting” for people. Obviously, they don’t physically do it, but most people are too lazy to thoroughly search an issue, and, therefore, just vote based on what everyone else in their party thinks.

Take, for example, a friend of mine. Recently, I asked him about his opinions on the 2020 candidates. He told me that he didn’t care. When I asked him who he was voting for, he told me “whoever the Democrat is.”

These people are supposed to improve our government?

– Steven Joe, Independent Voter

The Electoral College

Perhaps the most stupid thing I have seen in politics, whether you are left
or right-wing or fall anywhere in between, is that we still use them Electoral College system in favor of the popular vote.

This is largely because when polled, people will generally respond negatively to change in the Constitution, but this is based on the phrasing of the question. The same folks responding no to a change would likely want the American populous to decide who becomes POTUS. It seems like an antiquated way of determining who the next leader of our country.

– Beverly Friedmann, ReviewingThis, Content Manager

Lies, Lies, Lies

It is the lying and misrepresentation of nearly every single fact or piece of information that is delivered to the public.

It doesn’t matter what your party affiliation is, they all lie. If you delve into politics and listen to both sides, you can tell when Nancy Pelosi or Mitch McConnell are either grandstanding and pandering to their constituents and the diehards in the party or just want to change the narrative.

Literally, no one will admit to the public that one or the other has done anything good for the was true with Obama and it is true with Trump. Whatever happened to honest dialogue in politics?

– Robert Sollars

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