Gabbard Has No Right Pressuring Rivals To Get Her Into Next Debate

Gabbard Has No Right Pressuring Rivals To Get Her Into Next Debate


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Janet Ybarra
Former Washington Journalist
Contributor on The Bipartisan Press

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Certainly give Tulsi Gabbard credit for her nerve.

The congresswoman from Hawaii may be running for the Democratic nomination for president, but you would hardly know it at this point.

She hasn’t qualified for a debate since November and she’s won all of two–no, that’s not a typo–two delegates, of the 1,991 needed to secure the nomination.

Even Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts dropped out, as painful as that was for her, when she found that there was no realistic path to the nomination–and she had 64 delegates.

And now Gabbard is on Twitter demanding that her last two rivals standing–the only two with a realistic chance at the nomination–pressure the Democratic National Committee to allow her onto the next debate stage.

You know, even if Gabbard had no chance left for the nomination, you could justify her continued role in the campaign–and in the debates–as the last woman in the race, and the last person of color.

However, no, in this case, Gabbard still hasn’t earned it.


There’s her history of working against the LGBT community, for one thing.

For another, there is her nearly unthinkable vote of “present” on Donald Trump’s impeachment.

Her Democratic House colleagues all took the tough votes. Impeachment is one of the most consequential votes any lawmaker can take–up there with going to war. But Gabbard wouldn’t even say yes or no.

In her political cowardice, this military veteran simply chose to basically register her attendance.

Sorry. Not good enough. Not nearly.

And then, finally, there’s the fact that Gabbard has become strangely enamored with appearing on Fox News. You hardly ever see her appear anywhere else, and really, most voters in the Democratic primaries aren’t Fox News viewers.

One has to wonder if this is all one big audition for a spot on that network when this is all over.

Given that as a high probability, neither Joe Biden nor Bernie Sanders need stick out their necks on this one.

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  • comment-avatar
    Lawrence Osborn March 8, 2020

    Every single candidate who wishes to remain in the race should have the opportunity to be on the debate stage. The voting public does not need, nor want, DNC gatekeepers to tell us who to vote for.
    It is disgusting that the DNC, who have been propping up identity politics since the Obama admin, has treated Gabbard SO unfairly.
    They’d rather have another 4 of 45 than real, progressive change.
    Gotta keep greasing the wheels of the war machine…

  • comment-avatar
    Wayne Rogers March 8, 2020

    1st point: yes she had a history of working against the lgbt community when she was younger and following her fathers path. And then she grew up and got out into the world and changed her views. She has repeatedly disavowed and apologized for her past views. Even her father has admitted that he feels bad for putting her through such mental conflict with imposing his views on her. And it’s not just empty words. After four terms in Congress she has had an excellent record on civil rights for lgbt.
    I can relate to her journey. I was raised in an anti-lgbt religion myself. I didn’t wake up till my thirties. But I changed. I evolved. That should be celebrated. We Want people to change. Tulsi is an example to look up to

    2nd point. The Present vote was Not cowardice. That took a lot of guts to not just go with the crowd. It was a protest on principle of the rampant hyperpartisan that the impeachment had become.
    Tulsi was right. Her Congressional Censure was the most appropriate action. And it was far more comprehensive and damning of the president than anything written in the impeachment. We all knew how it was going to play out. Impeachment in the House and acquittal in Senate, allowing Trump to go around boasting that he was completely exonerated.
    Tulsi was right.

    But because she thinks for herself, she has been almost blacklisted from the media. It’s not that she doesn’t want to appear on anything but Fox. But the rest have canceled her off
    It’s a travesty what has been done to such a fine candidate.

  • comment-avatar

    This article is absolute rubbish. Published online by the “bipartisan press” the author proves clearly that they have a bias tornados not only Tulsi Gabbard but half or better of the American population by lamenting Tulsi’s appearances on Fox News. If the Democrats wish to win the presidency again they may want to grow up, grow some intestinal fortitude and be willing to speak with people who may have different views than themselves. For a party that is suppose to be “liberal” open-minded or not strict in the observance of orthodox, traditional, or established forms or ways, they sure are showing they are terrified and closed minded. They are against unifying a country. Instead they are devises and defensive. They choose to close off their party and protect it from the dangers of new candidates, with new ideas, who haven’t succumb to the pitfalls and stereotypical degradation of the soul and loss of ones values that is typical of a government servant. The authors dismissal of congresswomen Gabbard (as well as every other candidate) also demonstrates their willingness to participate in what was dreamed election meddling, and voter manipulation by Hillary R. Clinton last election cycle. The fact of the matter is that their has been a clear objective to keep a candidate off of the debate stage ever since her candidacy was announced. The fact of the matter is that in a democratic system the voters have the right to hear from each candidate equally. There is no way that dismissing or silencing a candidate is democratic nor Does it facilitate the country selecting the best candidate for what is the most important and powerful job in the world.

  • comment-avatar

    The DNC has no right to deny Tulsi’s campaign. The Corporate media has fallen in line with the DNC to deny Tulsi a fair campaign. She has every right to be on that stage and, most importantly, our Country needs her to be President!

  • comment-avatar

    Bipartisan Press? Not exactly. You’ve got to do better than debunked smear topics.

  • comment-avatar
    Kathleen Looney March 8, 2020

    Her participation on the LGBTQ caucus, her A+ rating from the Human Rights campaign and all of the legislation she has sponsored and co-sponsored for the LGBTQ community is some how against the LGBTQ community. #StandWithTulsi #LetTulsiDebate

  • comment-avatar

    This article is garbage and yet another example of the media spreading outright lies and smears.I just watched the media interview Warren and point to the misogny that exists and how we are still not ready for a woman POTUS..This hit piece is a perfect example of this..Shame on you for demeaning a sitting Congresswoman and veteran.Tulsi Gabbard is a truth teller and calls out the corruption of both parties.The only people who smear her are those with something to hide.Or third rate sellout journalists such as yourself.

  • comment-avatar
    Mark Zeus March 8, 2020

    What a contrived BS hit piece. Who paid you to spew this crap? You must be a Saudi asset.

  • comment-avatar
    John Fuji March 8, 2020

    She’s on fox news because the democratic media has given her a complete blackout since day 1 of her candidacy, amidst a full on smear-campaign as well. She is not polling low from a lack of interest, her entire campaign has been suppressed by the DNC and Hillary Clinton. The facts are all there to anyone paying attention, we’ve seen this whole thing unfold over the last year, and we’ve seen the wikileaks from 2016 when Tulsi stepped down from DNC vice chair to endorse Bernie Sanders. You may have the general public fooled but we won’t be silenced.

  • comment-avatar
    Eduardo Guierrez March 9, 2020

    This article is a perfect example of the the “rot of the DNC and all of Hillary’s proxies” (mainstream media and articles like this). Funny how the DNC relaxes the rules to let someone like Bloomberg buy his way into a debate, while arbitrarily excluding Tulsi Gabbard, who was polling Higher than the ones that did “qualify.” No explanation was ever given about that, and this author knows it! For the last three debates, the DNC has been saying that in order to qualify, a candidate needs to get at least one delegate, but the very moment Tulsi Gabbard wins two delegates from American Samoa, the DNC changes the rules once again, this time making it literally impossible to “qualify” by making it a 20% delegate threshold. Let me explain… Even If Tulsi Gabbard Were To Win 100% of the Remaining Delegates From Every Remaining State in the United States, She STILL Wouldn’t Get 20%! The Democratic Party has become the most Undemocratic Party in the world, by the silencing and media blackout of not only Tulsi Gabbard, but also the rigging (cheating) of the elections, voter suppression of minority communities by the closure of hundreds of polls, and voter fraud! The DNC, with the accomplice of the mainstream media and dishonest articles such as this one, has turned what used to be a democracy, into a Banana Republic!