Trump Tweets New Wall Slogan; Gets Flamed on by Twitter

BUILD A WALL, but will crime fall?

Trump Tweets New Wall Slogan; Gets Flamed on by Twitter

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Our Verdict:
Trump's new slogan is childish at best. If slogans help unite supporters, why is Trump tearing our nation apart?

On Wednesday, January 23rd, the 33rd day of the world’s longest shutdown, Trump took to Twitter to announce his new “unofficial” wall slogan.  He tweeted, “BUILD A WALL & CRIME WILL FALL! This is the new theme, for two years until the Wall is finished (under construction now), of the Republican Party. Use it and pray!”

Soon after, he then tweeted, “BUILD A WALL & CRIME WILL FALL!” again.

A day later, on the 24th, he tweeted again, “Without a Wall there cannot be safety and security at the Border or for the U.S.A. BUILD THE WALL AND CRIME WILL FALL!”

On Twitter, Trump was met with lots of responses citing the ineffectiveness of the wall. Many people also mocked him over his new motto.