The Wynd: No More Allergies?

The Wynd: No More Allergies?


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Welton Wang
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As allergy season starts to arrive, you can’t help but wonder if there’s a simple solution to make your allergies disappear that doesn’t involve pills or staying indoors 24/7.  The Wynd is a portable air purifier that aims to provide clean air on-the-go. Theoretically, that means no itchy eyes, runny noses, or headaches. Here’s how it really performs.


The first thing I noticed when I unpackaged the Wynd was how it looked like something straight from the Apple Store.  By that I mean it was extremely futuristic and sleek. Maybe that’s why it is, indeed, sold at the Apple Store?

Overall, the Wynd is pretty solidly built and designed. On the top of the cylindrical unit is an air outflow vent along with a ring like that shows you the status of the Wynd, or the current air quality if you have that enabled. The top ring rotates, allowing you to manually adjust the airflow.  Below the control mechanism is a surface covered in holes used for air intake. On the left and right sides of the Wynd are dents to attach the included, detachable kickstand to. At the very bottom is a base that houses an air quality sensor and also detaches to allow you to change the filter. The only design complaint I have is that the detachable kickstand isn’t very sturdy and falls down a lot. 

The Wynd is approximately the size of a water bottle and fits perfectly in cup holders for easy transporting.  It, however, does not offer a way to carry it around hands-free, such as a lanyard.


The selling point of Wynd is that it creates a personal bubble of purified air.  In real-life use, it’s pretty much exactly as they describe. Don’t expect the Wynd to purify your whole room, as it’s really only effective in a small area near you.  At lower settings, the wind output is practically unnoticeable, but so is the sound. At higher settings, though the air does become noticeable, albeit with a much louder whirl.

The Wynd Plus model also comes with a detachable air quality sensor about the size of an eraser. The sensor is meant to connect to your phone via the Wynd app in order to provide air quality readouts.  It also allows “auto mode” where the Wynd automatically adjusts the wind speed based on air quality.

Purification wise, the Wynd does indeed make the air quality better.  The effect is most noticeable when the air is being blown into your face, however, the quality difference can still be felt near the Wynd. Since the air where I’m based doesn’t get to the point where constant purification is needed though, I turned on my stove and fried some food without other ventilation to check the effectiveness in harsher environments.  The air quality sensor remained red throughout the test. However, at max wind speed, the purifier was able to purify most of the smoke near my face. While you probably won’t need to use it as a substitute for a range hood, the Wynd does prove pretty effective in purifying air.

Overall, the Wynd is a solid product that does what it says.  You probably won’t find yourself needing it daily, nor can you expect to purify a whole room, but when you need fresh air on-the-go, the Wynd will more than suffice.  It’s a definite buy especially if you need allergy relief while working or commuting. At $129 for the version with no air quality sensor and $199 for the one with, it doesn’t come cheap. Ultimately though, it’s worth the portability and effectiveness that it brings for the people suffer from environment pollution or moderate allergies.

Suffer from Allergies? Check out the Wynd!

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